error_table AC

Name Code Description
ADMNOMEM (17152L) couldn't allocate memory necessary to fulfill request
ADMNOPRIV (17153L) insufficient privilege to complete operation
ADMMUTEXINIT (17154L) failed to initialize a mutex
ADMMUTEXLOCK (17155L) failed to lock a mutex
ADMMUTEXUNLOCK (17156L) failed to unlock a mutex
ADMMUTEXDESTROY (17157L) failed to destroy a mutex
ADMCONDINIT (17158L) failed to initialize a condition variable
ADMCONDWAIT (17159L) failed to wait on a condition variable
ADMCONDDESTROY (17160L) failed to destroy a condition variable
ADMCONDSIGNAL (17161L) failed to signal a condition variable
ADMTHREADATTRINIT (17162L) failed to initialize a thread attribute
ADMTHREADATTRSETDETACHSTATE (17163L) failed to set thread detach state
ADMTHREADCREATE (17164L) failed to create a thread
ADMTHREADJOIN (17165L) failed to join a thread
ADMITERATORTERMINATED (17166L) the iterator has been marked terminated (most likely by calling done). Next cannot be called after calling done.
ADMITERATORDONE (17167L) the iterator has been marked completed.
ADMITERATORNULL (17168L) the iterator parameter cannot be NULL.
ADMITERATORRPCSPECIFICNULL (17169L) the rpc specific data parameter cannot be NULL.
ADMITERATORBADMAGICNULL (17170L) the iterator parameter failed to pass the magic number test. Most likely the iterator is invalid, or has been overwritten by mistake.
ADMITERATORINVALID (17171L) the iterator parameter is marked invalid
ADMITERATIONIDPNULL (17172L) the iterator parameter cannot be NULL nor can it point to NULL
ADMSERVERNAMENULL (17173L) the server name parameter cannot be NULL
ADMSERVERADDRESSNULL (17174L) the server address parameter cannot be NULL
ADMCANTGETSERVERNAME (17175L) the server name parameter cannot translated to an address
ADMCANTGETLOCALNAME (17176L) unable to determine the name of the local host
ADMMOREDATA (17177L) more data is available
ADMSOCKFAIL (17178L) failed to create a socket
ADMTYPEINVALID (17179L) the server type is invalid