error_table ACFG

Name Code Description
AFSCONF_FAILURE (70354688L) mysterious failure
AFSCONF_NOTFOUND (70354689L) could not find entry
AFSCONF_UNKNOWN (70354690L) do not know that information
AFSCONF_NOCELL (70354691L) line appears before a cell has been defined
AFSCONF_SYNTAX (70354692L) syntax error
AFSCONF_NODB (70354693L) a database file is missing
AFSCONF_FULL (70354694L) no more entries
AFSCONF_NOCELLDB (70354695L) unable to open cell database
AFSCONF_NO_SECURITY_CLASS (70354696L) unable to build security class
AFSCONF_BADKEY (70354697L) key doesn't meet requirements
AFSCONF_NOCELLNAME (70354698L) cannot determine local cell name