error_table BUDB

Name Code Description
BUDB_DUMPIDEXISTS (156303872L) dump with specified id already exists
BUDB_NODUMPID (156303873L) no dump matching the id was found
BUDB_NODUMPNAME (156303874L) no dump matching the name was found
BUDB_NOTAPENAME (156303875L) no tape matching the name was found
BUDB_NOVOLUMENAME (156303876L) no volume matching the name was found
BUDB_NOENT (156303877L) entry doesn't exist
BUDB_TAPENOTINUSE (156303878L) reference to a tape not being used
BUDB_DUMPFAILED (156303879L) dump of database failed
BUDB_NOTPERMITTED (156303880L) access to database denied
BUDB_VERSIONMISMATCH (156303881L) incompatible version numbers
BUDB_BADARGUMENT (156303882L) argument too long or out of range
BUDB_BADPROTOCOL (156303883L) sequence of operations incorrect
BUDB_BADFLAGS (156303884L) inconsistent or unsupported flags bit combination
BUDB_LIST2BIG (156303885L) requested list too large
BUDB_ENDOFLIST (156303886L) index to iterator function is out of range
BUDB_BLOCKTYPE (156303887L) bad database block type
BUDB_NOTLOCKED (156303888L) lock is not set
BUDB_LOCKED (156303889L) lock is held by another user
BUDB_SELFLOCKED (156303890L) attempt to lock a lock already held
BUDB_OLDINTERFACE (156303891L) interface incompatible
BUDB_IO (156303892L) Ubik I/O error
BUDB_ADDR (156303893L) bad database address
BUDB_DATABASEINCONSISTENT (156303894L) backup database is inconsistent
BUDB_INTERNALERROR (156303895L) internal error encountered in backup database server
BUDB_NOCELLS (156303896L) error reading cell database
BUDB_NOCELL (156303897L) cell name not found
BUDB_EMPTY (156303898L) database empty or corrupted
BUDB_UBIKINIT (156303899L) Ubik ClientInit failed
BUDB_ALLOCFAIL (156303900L) couldn't allocate entry
BUDB_NOMEM (156303901L) can't allocate memory
BUDB_NOTINITIALDUMP (156303902L) dump is not an initial dump
BUDB_DUMPNOTINUSE (156303903L) reference to a dump not being used