error_table BUTC

Name Code Description
TC_DUMPERROR (156566272L) error in dump/restore process
TC_FORCEDABORT (156566273L) ungraceful abort
TC_ABORTED (156566274L) the process has already been aborted
TC_WORKINPROGRESS (156566275L) unable to end dump/restore since work in progress
TC_INCOMPLETEDUMP (156566276L) some of the dump/restores were unsuccessful
TC_ABORTFAILED (156566277L) could not abort the process
TC_ABORTEDBYREQUEST (156566278L) the process was aborted by request
TC_SCANFAILURE (156566279L) scan tape resulted in failure
TC_NODENOTFOUND (156566280L) No dump task with specified ID
TC_NOTASKS (156566281L) No tasks active
TC_VOLUMENOTONTAPE (156566282L) the volume was not found on tape
TC_PREMATUREEOF (156566283L) unexpected EOF encountered on tape
TC_MISSINGTRAILER (156566284L) missing file trailer on tape
TC_WRONGTAPE (156566285L) unexpected tape label
TC_TAPEUNUSABLE (156566286L) tape was unusable
TC_BADVOLHEADER (156566287L) corrupted volume header on tape
TC_INTERNALERROR (156566288L) internal error
TC_BADQUEUE (156566289L) corruption in internal queue data structures
TC_NOMEMORY (156566290L) memory allocation failure
TC_NOTPERMITTED (156566291L) access denied
TC_SKIPTAPE (156566292L) tape requested to be skipped
TC_BADTASK (156566293L) invalid task