error_table BUTM

Name Code Description
BUTM_OLDINTERFACE (156568832L) interface incompatible
BUTM_NOMOUNT (156568833L) there is not an opened tape
BUTM_PARALLELMOUNTS (156568834L) multiple simultaneous opens not permitted
BUTM_MOUNTFAIL (156568835L) can't open tape
BUTM_DISMOUNTFAIL (156568836L) error during tape close
BUTM_IO (156568837L) tape I/O error
BUTM_READONLY (156568838L) write operation on read-only tape
BUTM_BADOP (156568839L) operation inappropriate in this context
BUTM_SHORTREAD (156568840L) read file ended before all data read
BUTM_SHORTWRITE (156568841L) write a zero length file
BUTM_EOT (156568842L) end of tape
BUTM_BADCONFIG (156568843L) problem reading configuration
BUTM_BADARGUMENT (156568844L) argument too long or out of range
BUTM_ENDVOLUME (156568845L) unexpected end of volume data
BUTM_LABEL (156568846L) appended tape label
BUTM_EOD (156568847L) end of dump
BUTM_IOCTL (156568848L) tape device error
BUTM_EOF (156568849L) end-of-file marker
BUTM_BADBLOCK (156568850L) unexpected tape datablock
BUTM_NOLABEL (156568851L) no label on tape
BUTM_POSITION (156568852L) cannot position within the file