error_table BUTX

Name Code Description
BUTX_RCSID (156571648L) Version 1
BUTX_NOLIBRARY (156571649L) XBSA couldn't mount shared library
BUTX_ILLEGALINIT (156571650L) XBSA handle already initialized
BUTX_INVALIDSERVERTYPE (156571651L) XBSA invalid serverType specified
BUTX_INVALIDSERVERNAME (156571652L) XBSA invalid serverName specified
BUTX_INVALIDBSANAME (156571653L) XBSA invalid bsaObjectOwner specified
BUTX_INVALIDAPPNAME (156571654L) XBSA invalid appObjectOwner specified
BUTX_INVALIDSECTOKEN (156571655L) XBSA invalid secToken specified
BUTX_INVALIDOBJECTSPNAME (156571656L) XBSA invalid objectSpaceName specified
BUTX_INVALIDPATHNAME (156571657L) XBSA invalid pathName specified
BUTX_INVALIDBUFFERSIZE (156571658L) XBSA invalid bufferSize specified
BUTX_INVALIDDATABUFFER (156571659L) XBSA invalid dataBuffer specified
BUTX_INVALIDLGNAME (156571660L) XBSA invalid lGName specified
BUTX_INVALIDOBJDESC (156571661L) XBSA invalid objectDescription specified
BUTX_INVALIDOBJINFO (156571662L) XBSA invalid objectInfo specified
BUTX_INVALIDVERSION (156571663L) XBSA version mismatch
BUTX_MOUNTLIBRARYFAIL (156571664L) XBSA unable to mount the XBSA library
BUTX_INITFAIL (156571665L) XBSA initialization of the XBSA interface failed
BUTX_BEGINTXNFAIL (156571666L) XBSA begin transaction failed
BUTX_NOHANDLE (156571667L) XBSA has not been initialized, no handle
BUTX_ENDTXNFAIL (156571668L) XBSA end transaction failed
BUTX_TERMFAIL (156571669L) XBSA terminate session failed
BUTX_QUERYFAIL (156571670L) XBSA query object failed
BUTX_GETOBJFAIL (156571671L) XBSA get object failed
BUTX_ENDDATAFAIL (156571672L) XBSA end data failed
BUTX_CREATEOBJFAIL (156571673L) XBSA create object failed
BUTX_DELETEOBJFAIL (156571674L) XBSA delete object failed
BUTX_SENDDATAFAIL (156571675L) XBSA send data failed
BUTX_GETDATAFAIL (156571676L) XBSA get data failed
BUTX_GETENVFAIL (156571677L) XBSA get environment failed
BUTX_DELETENOVOL (156571678L) XBSA volume to delete not found