error_table CMD

Name Code Description
CMD_EXCESSPARMS (3359744L) More than the maximum number of parameters defined
CMD_INTERNALERROR (3359745L) Internal parsing error
CMD_NOTLIST (3359746L) Too many values specified after a CMD_SINGLE switch
CMD_TOOMANY (3359747L) Too many parameters specified
CMD_USAGE (3359748L) Impossibly few aguments specified
CMD_UNKNOWNCMD (3359749L) unrecognized or ambiguous command name
CMD_UNKNOWNSWITCH (3359750L) unrecognized or ambiguous switch name
CMD_AMBIG (3359751L)
CMD_TOOFEW (3359752L) Insufficient required parameters provided
CMD_TOOBIG (3359753L) Token too large
CMD_MISSING (3359754L) Option not specified on command line
CMD_BADFORMAT (3359755L) Improper format of configuration file
CMD_BADVALUE (3359756L) Invalid parameter value
CMD_HELP (3359757L) Help requested
CMD_INCLERROR (3359758L) Included configuration file or directory error
CMD_BADNAME (3359759L) Invalid command, alias or parameter name