error_table KA

Name Code Description
KADATABASEINCONSISTENT (180480L) AuthServer database is inconsistent
KAEXIST (180481L) user already exists
KAIO (180482L) Ubik I/O error
KACREATEFAIL (180483L) couldn't allocate entry
KANOENT (180484L) user doesn't exist
KAEMPTY (180485L) database empty or corrupted
KABADNAME (180486L) name or instance is too long or contains illegal characters
KABADINDEX (180487L) bad index used internally
KANOAUTH (180488L) caller not authorized
KAANSWERTOOLONG (180489L) answer packet too short for result
KABADREQUEST (180490L) request packet in error
KAOLDINTERFACE (180491L) interface incompatible
KABADARGUMENT (180492L) argument out of range
KABADCMD (180493L) administrative command called incorrectly
KANOKEYS (180494L) can't create session key
KAREADPW (180495L) can't read password from terminal
KABADKEY (180496L) illegal key: bad parity or weak
KAUBIKINIT (180497L) Ubik ClientInit failed
KAUBIKCALL (180498L) Ubik Call failed
KABADPROTOCOL (180499L) AuthServer returned incorrect response
KANOCELLS (180500L) error reading cell database
KANOCELL (180501L) cell name not found
KATOOMANYUBIKS (180502L) too many Ubik security objects outstanding
KATOOMANYKEYS (180503L) too many keys were passed to the server's security object
KABADTICKET (180504L) authentication server was passed a bad ticket
KAUNKNOWNKEY (180505L) key version number not found
KAKEYCACHEINVALID (180506L) key cache invalidated by some key change
KABADSERVER (180507L) may not issue ticket for server
KABADUSER (180508L) may not authenticate as this user
KABADCPW (180509L) may not change your key
KABADCREATE (180510L) not allowed to create associate
KANOTICKET (180511L) can't find suitable ticket
KAASSOCUSER (180512L) operation not allowed for associate user
KANOTSPECIAL (180513L) not a special AuthServer principal
KACLOCKSKEW (180514L) server and client clocks are badly skewed
KANORECURSE (180515L) not allowed to recursively call set_password from get_time
KARXFAIL (180516L) Rx failed for some reason
KANULLPASSWORD (180517L) zero length password is illegal
KAINTERNALERROR (180518L) internal error encountered in kaserver
KAPWEXPIRED (180519L) password has expired (KAPWEXPIRED)
KAREUSED (180520L) it seems like a reused password (KAREUSED)
KATOOSOON (180521L) you changed it too recently; see your systems administrator (KATOOSOON)
KALOCKED (180522L) ID is locked - see your system admin (KALOCKED)