error_table RKS

Name Code Description
RXKST_PROCESSCREATED (19059456L) process created, not yet started
RXKST_PROCESSRUNNING (19059457L) process running, no error
RXKST_BADARGS (19059458L) arguments illegal or inconsistent
RXKST_BADINPUTSUM (19059459L) incorrect input checksum
RXKST_BADOUTPUTSUM (19059460L) incorrect output checksum
RXKST_READSHORT (19059461L) unexpected number of bytes returned by rx_Read
RXKST_WRITESHORT (19059462L) unexpected number of bytes sent by rx_Write
RXKST_UNAUTH (19059463L) connection unauthenticated
RXKST_BADKVNO (19059464L) unknown key version number
RXKST_BADCLIENT (19059465L) incorrect client name/instance/cell
RXKST_INCFAILED (19059466L) increment operation produced wrong value
RXKST_TIMESKEW (19059467L) clock on client and server too far apart
RXKST_NEWCONNFAILED (19059468L) couldn't make a new connection
RXKST_BADCALLNUMBERS (19059469L) connection has unexpected call numbers
RXKST_NODUPLICATECALL (19059470L) failed to detect duplicate call
RXKST_NOBADCKSUM (19059471L) failed to detect bad cksum
RXKST_NOCONNERROR (19059472L) whole connection is not in error
RXKST_CHALLENGEORACLE (19059473L) idle connection is acting as a challenge oracle