error_table RX

Name Code Description
RX_CALL_DEAD (301056L) server or network not responding
RX_INVALID_OPERATION (301057L) unsupported rx service or security class
RX_CALL_TIMEOUT (301058L) server not responding promptly
RX_PROTOCOL_ERROR (301059L) rx protocol error
RX_USER_ABORT (301060L) rx operation canceled
RX_WRONG_SERVICE (301061L) rx connection wrong service upgrade
RX_CALL_SEQ_LIMIT (301062L) rx call sequence limit reached
RX_PEER_UNREACH (301063L) rx unreachable peer
RX_PEER_DEAD (301064L) rx dead peer
RX_CALL_IDLE_TIMEOUT (301065L) rx server took too long to respond to request
RX_CALL_HARD_TIMEOUT (301066L) rx call took too long to complete
RX_EOF (301067L) premature end of file on network read
RX_ADDRINUSE (301068L) port already in use
RX_MSGSIZE (301069L) rx packet size exceeded path mtu
RX_RESTARTING (301070L) service restarting
RX_OUT_OF_MEMORY (301071L) rx out of memory
RX_CALL_PREMATURE_END (301072L) rx call completed with unprocessed input data
RX_CLOCK_DRIFT (301073L) rx call canceled due to clock drift
RX_CALL_REMOTE_TIMEOUT (301074L) rx call timed out by peer
RX_CALL_PEER_RESET (301075L) rx call reset by peer
RX_CALL_EXCEEDS_WINDOW (301076L) rx call exceeds window
RX_CALL_NEXT_RECEIVED (301077L) rx call killed by next call in channel
RX_CALL_RESEND_LIMIT (301078L) rx packet retransmitted too many times