error_table U

Name Code Description
UNOQUORUM (5376L) no quorum elected
UNOTSYNC (5377L) not synchronization site (should work on sync site)
UNHOSTS (5378L) too many hosts
UIOERROR (5379L) I/O error writing dbase or log
UINTERNAL (5380L) mysterious internal error
USYNC (5381L) major synchronization error
UNOENT (5382L) file not found when processing dbase
UBADLOCK (5383L) bad lock range size (must be 1)
UBADLOG (5384L) read error reprocessing log
UBADHOST (5385L) problems with host name
UBADTYPE (5386L) bad operation for this transaction type
UTWOENDS (5387L) two commits or aborts done to transaction
UDONE (5388L) operation done after abort (or commmit)
UNOSERVERS (5389L) no servers appear to be up
UEOF (5390L) premature EOF
ULOGIO (5391L) error writing log file
UBADFAM (5392L) unsupported address family
UBADCELL (5393L) inconsistent cell name
UBADSECGRP (5394L) security group bad or missing
UBADGROUP (5395L) server group name bad or missing
UBADUUID (5396L) server uuid bad or missing
UNOMEM (5397L) memory allocation failure
UNOTMEMBER (5398L) host not a member of server group
UNBINDINGS (5399L) too many bindings per server
UBADPRINNAME (5400L) inconsistent principal name from binding
UPIPE (5401L) I/O error in ubik pipe
UDEADLOCK (5402L) operation aborted to prevent dead lock (two sync sites?)
UEXCEPTION (5403L) rpc runtime exception caught
UTPQFAIL (5404L) vote thread pool queue operation failed
USKEWED (5405L) clock skew among servers too high
UNOLOCK (5406L) repeatedly failed to obtain ubik lock
UNOACCESS (5407L) permission denied for attempted operation
UNOSPC (5408L) no space left on database device
UBADPATH (5409L) invalid DB pathname
UBADF (5410L) bad file descriptor
UREINITIALIZE (5411L) Reinitialize called before initialize
UMUTEXINIT (5412L) failed to initialize per client mutex
UMUTEXDESTROY (5413L) failed to destroy per client mutex
UAFSNOTCLONE (5414L) AFS compatible mode active but service is not configured as a clone
URXERROR (5415L) failed to read from or write to a remote server
UBADTIME (5416L) unsupported time
UDBTOOBIG (5417L) database is too large for operation
USYNC_REQ_NOSYNC (5418L) no synchronization site
USYNC_REQ_SOMEDOWN (5419L) synchronization site required (server down)