error_table V

Name Code Description
VOK (5632L) Success
VSALVAGE (5633L) Volume needs to be salvaged
VNOVNODE (5634L) Bad vnode number quoted
VNOVOL (5635L) Volume not attached, does not exist, or not on line
VVOLEXISTS (5636L) Volume already exists
VNOSERVICE (5637L) Fileserver took too long to respond to request, or Volume is not in service
VOFFLINE (5638L) Volume is off-line
VONLINE (5639L) Volume is already on-line
VDISKFULL (5640L) Partition is full
VOVERQUOTA (5641L) Volume maximum quota exceeded
VBUSY (5642L) Volume temporarily unavailable
VMOVED (5643L) Volume has moved to another server
VIO (5644L) Vnode temporarily unaccessible, but not known to be permanently bad
VSALVAGING (5645L) Volume is being salvaged
VLINKEXISTS (5646L) Cross directory hard link exists
VTOOMANYCLONES (5647L) Maximum clone count exceeded