error_table YVOL

Name Code Description
YVOLSERLINKEXISTS (1701039104L) Hard link exists
YVOLSERNO_TRANS (1701039105L) Transaction does not exist
YVOLSERBADVOLTYPE (1701039106L) Invalid volume type
YVOLSERVOLNOTREADONLY (1701039107L) Volume is not readonly
YVOLSERBADVOLID (1701039108L) Invalid volume id number
YVOLSERBADFLAGS (1701039109L) Invalid flags
YVOLSERBADVNODEID (1701039110L) Invalid vnode id number
YVOLSERNOTCONN (1701039111L) Connection failure
YVOLSERPARTMISMATCH (1701039112L) Partition mismatch
YVOLSERPARENTMISMATCH (1701039113L) Volume parent mismatch
YVOLSERBADSTATSVERSION (1701039114L) No stats within version range
YVOLSERBADTRANSID (1701039115L) Invalid transaction id number
YVOLSERBADTIME (1701039116L) Unsupported time value
YVOLSERTRANSREADONLY (1701039117L) Transaction is readonly
YVOLSERPARTNOSPACE (1701039118L) Partition out of space
YVOLSERPARTREADONLY (1701039119L) Partition is read only
YVOLSERVOLIDMISMATCH (1701039120L) Volume id mismatch
YVOLSERVOLTYPEMISMATCH (1701039121L) Volume type mismatch
YVOLSERVOLBADSERVER (1701039122L) Volserver unknown to location service
YVOLSERSECPOLICY (1701039123L) Server doesn't satisfy volume security requirements
YVOLSEREXISTS (1701039124L) Volume already exists
YVOLSERBADPARAM (1701039125L) RPC parameter is invalid
YVOLSERINCONSISTENTFEATURES (1701039126L) Computed feature set is inconsistent
YVOLSERDELETED (1701039127L) Volume will be deleted
YVOLSERTRANSENDED (1701039128L) Transaction ended or timed out