error_table uae

Name Code Description
UAEPERM (49733376L) Operation not permitted
UAENOENT (49733377L) No such file or directory
UAESRCH (49733378L) No such process
UAEINTR (49733379L) Interrupted system call
UAEIO (49733380L) I/O error
UAENXIO (49733381L) No such device or address
UAE2BIG (49733382L) Arg list too long
UAENOEXEC (49733383L) Exec format error
UAEBADF (49733384L) Bad file number
UAECHILD (49733385L) No child processes
UAEAGAIN (49733386L) Try again
UAENOMEM (49733387L) Out of memory
UAEACCES (49733388L) Permission denied
UAEFAULT (49733389L) Bad address
UAENOTBLK (49733390L) Block device required
UAEBUSY (49733391L) Device or resource busy
UAEEXIST (49733392L) File exists
UAEXDEV (49733393L) Cross-device link
UAENODEV (49733394L) No such device
UAENOTDIR (49733395L) Not a directory
UAEISDIR (49733396L) Is a directory
UAEINVAL (49733397L) Invalid argument
UAENFILE (49733398L) File table overflow
UAEMFILE (49733399L) Too many open files
UAENOTTY (49733400L) Not a typewriter
UAETXTBSY (49733401L) Text file busy
UAEFBIG (49733402L) File too large
UAENOSPC (49733403L) No space left on device
UAESPIPE (49733404L) Illegal seek
UAEROFS (49733405L) Read-only file system
UAEMLINK (49733406L) Too many links
UAEPIPE (49733407L) Broken pipe
UAEDOM (49733408L) Math argument out of domain of func
UAERANGE (49733409L) Math result not representable
UAEDEADLK (49733410L) Resource deadlock would occur
UAENAMETOOLONG (49733411L) File name too long
UAENOLCK (49733412L) No record locks available
UAENOSYS (49733413L) Function not implemented
UAENOTEMPTY (49733414L) Directory not empty
UAELOOP (49733415L) Too many symbolic links encountered
UAEWOULDBLOCK (49733416L) Operation would block
UAENOMSG (49733417L) No message of desired type
UAEIDRM (49733418L) Identifier removed
UAECHRNG (49733419L) Channel number out of range
UAEL2NSYNC (49733420L) Level 2 not synchronized
UAEL3HLT (49733421L) Level 3 halted
UAEL3RST (49733422L) Level 3 reset
UAELNRNG (49733423L) Link number out of range
UAEUNATCH (49733424L) Protocol driver not attached
UAENOCSI (49733425L) No CSI structure available
UAEL2HLT (49733426L) Level 2 halted
UAEBADE (49733427L) Invalid exchange
UAEBADR (49733428L) Invalid request descriptor
UAEXFULL (49733429L) Exchange full
UAENOANO (49733430L) No anode
UAEBADRQC (49733431L) Invalid request code
UAEBADSLT (49733432L) Invalid slot
UAEBFONT (49733433L) Bad font file format
UAENOSTR (49733434L) Device not a stream
UAENODATA (49733435L) No data available
UAETIME (49733436L) Timer expired
UAENOSR (49733437L) Out of streams resources
UAENONET (49733438L) Machine is not on the network
UAENOPKG (49733439L) Package not installed
UAEREMOTE (49733440L) Object is remote
UAENOLINK (49733441L) Link has been severed
UAEADV (49733442L) Advertise error
UAESRMNT (49733443L) Srmount error
UAECOMM (49733444L) Communication error on send
UAEPROTO (49733445L) Protocol error
UAEMULTIHOP (49733446L) Multihop attempted
UAEDOTDOT (49733447L) RFS specific error
UAEBADMSG (49733448L) Not a data message
UAEOVERFLOW (49733449L) Value too large for defined data type
UAENOTUNIQ (49733450L) Name not unique on network
UAEBADFD (49733451L) File descriptor in bad state
UAEREMCHG (49733452L) Remote address changed
UAELIBACC (49733453L) Can not access a needed shared library
UAELIBBAD (49733454L) Accessing a corrupted shared library
UAELIBSCN (49733455L) .lib section in a.out corrupted
UAELIBMAX (49733456L) Attempting to link in too many shared libraries
UAELIBEXEC (49733457L) Cannot exec a shared library directly
UAEILSEQ (49733458L) Illegal byte sequence
UAERESTART (49733459L) Interrupted system call should be restarted
UAESTRPIPE (49733460L) Streams pipe error
UAEUSERS (49733461L) Too many users
UAENOTSOCK (49733462L) Socket operation on non-socket
UAEDESTADDRREQ (49733463L) Destination address required
UAEMSGSIZE (49733464L) Message too long
UAEPROTOTYPE (49733465L) Protocol wrong type for socket
UAENOPROTOOPT (49733466L) Protocol not available
UAEPROTONOSUPPORT (49733467L) Protocol not supported
UAESOCKTNOSUPPORT (49733468L) Socket type not supported
UAEOPNOTSUPP (49733469L) Operation not supported on transport endpoint
UAEPFNOSUPPORT (49733470L) Protocol family not supported
UAEAFNOSUPPORT (49733471L) Address family not supported by protocol
UAEADDRINUSE (49733472L) Address already in use
UAEADDRNOTAVAIL (49733473L) Cannot assign requested address
UAENETDOWN (49733474L) Network is down
UAENETUNREACH (49733475L) Network is unreachable
UAENETRESET (49733476L) Network dropped connection because of reset
UAECONNABORTED (49733477L) Software caused connection abort
UAECONNRESET (49733478L) Connection reset by peer
UAENOBUFS (49733479L) No buffer space available
UAEISCONN (49733480L) Transport endpoint is already connected
UAENOTCONN (49733481L) Transport endpoint is not connected
UAESHUTDOWN (49733482L) Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown
UAETOOMANYREFS (49733483L) Too many references: cannot splice
UAETIMEDOUT (49733484L) Connection timed out
UAECONNREFUSED (49733485L) Connection refused
UAEHOSTDOWN (49733486L) Host is down
UAEHOSTUNREACH (49733487L) No route to host
UAEALREADY (49733488L) Operation already in progress
UAEINPROGRESS (49733489L) Operation now in progress
UAESTALE (49733490L) Stale NFS file handle
UAEUCLEAN (49733491L) Structure needs cleaning
UAENOTNAM (49733492L) Not a XENIX named type file
UAENAVAIL (49733493L) No XENIX semaphores available
UAEISNAM (49733494L) Is a named type file
UAEREMOTEIO (49733495L) Remote I/O error
UAEDQUOT (49733496L) Quota exceeded
UAENOMEDIUM (49733497L) No medium found
UAEMEDIUMTYPE (49733498L) Wrong medium type
UAECANCELED (49733499L) Operation canceled
UAENOTRECOVERABLE (49733500L) State not recoverable
UAENOTSUP (49733501L) Not supported
UAEOTHER (49733502L) Other
UAEOWNERDEAD (49733503L) Owner dead
UAEPROCLIM (49733504L) Too many processes
UAEDISCON (49733505L) Graceful shutdown in progress